Waiting For A Voice, by Ashton Nyte [Review]

I’ve been an Ashton Nyte fan since I discovered his work with The Awakening [link] way back in 2011. I was new to the goth scene at the time, and what an introduction those albums were. Even after nearly 10 years, his work (both solo and with his band) remains some of my favorite.

Ashton Nyte’s latest album, Waiting for a Voice [link], is the album I’ve been listening to on repeat as I write. I normally don’t listen to albums on repeat like this. But I’ve found that once “Icicles” ends, I hit the play button on “Waiting for a Voice” again.

“Dark Star” might be one of my favorite songs on the album. I adore the violins that appear on the breaks in the track. This is also one of the catchiest songs, it’s often stuck in my head long after I stop listening to the album.

The stripped down acoustic arrangements really allow Ashton Nyte’s voice to shine. It also fits the melancholic lyrics of songs like “This Isolation,” and “I Asked For Nothing.” I’ve started learning how to play “This Isolation” on guitar, and I have to say his guitar work is amazing in it’s simple beauty.

“Soon It Will Be Morning” is the song that hits me the hardest. Not only does the stripped down, near a Capella beginning put Ashton Nyte’s voice front and center; the lyrics are so hopeful. A song like this is just what I need right now.

This album is amazing, both as music to write to, and simply as something to listen to. This might become one of my favorite albums of the year. I regularly listen to a wide variety of music; that I keep going back to this album on repeat says a lot about how much I’m enjoying it.