Site Update, 12/9/2020

Hopefully this is the last *update* post I need to write for a while.

I tried hosting the site myself. I had no idea at all that doing such a thing would mean having to do all the coding and such myself. Any time I tried to fix something, something else would go wrong. Instead of spending much of the weekend knitting and continuing my binge of The Magnus Archives, I spent it trying to figure out what the fuck I broke now.

So I went back to WordPress, did some math, and invested in their Business plan. Expensive, yes, but it would save me a million headaches in the long run.

Then I installed plug ins.

And my site crashed.

So after a very helpful convo with the WP costumer service person, I’ve gone back down to the premium plan. This does remove plug-ins, but the one I was using the most was causing my site to crash, so I’d end up not using them anyway.

This *does,* however, give back the ability to follow my blog via WordPress again, as well as by email! Like and reblogs are back!

Shout out to the WordPress customer service, they were seriously awesome! They helped me determine that the Business plan wasn’t for me, and helped me set up a refund without any pressure to stay on the plan. Super big help!

So that has been my site maintenance adventures over the last few days. I apologize for an inconvenience.

Site Update 12/4/2020

I *thought* I had all my issues solved?

I did not.

It turns out that WordPress wasn’t letting me publish my posts easily. I kept getting notifications of “you are not allowed to publish these terms” when I even tried to *save* a document.

So for now I’ve dropped my writing site back to rather than just being a .com site. Maybe that will fix this issue?

At least I got to keep my theme this time.


I’m Varian Ross (he/him or they/them pronouns.)

I’m an author of short fiction and poetry. I write a mix of genres, ranging from sci-fi, to horror, to romance. I also write poetry.

This is just the start of my website, so expect some dust as I get it to being the most accessible I can make it. I’m legally blind myself, and that not only influences my stories, but also my web design.

I live in the Midwestern U.S. with my family and our dogs.