Upcoming Publication: “It Won’t Be So Bad”

I’m pleased to announce that my sci-fi/horror short story “It Won’t Be So Bad” is going to be published by Ghost Orchid Press! It’s being published in Blood & Bone: An Anthology of Body Horror by Women and Non-Binary Writers. This story is my worst nightmare put to paper, and it still feels surreal that it sold.

Content warnings: pregnancy, gaslighting, unreality, death, discussion of gender dysphoria.

Blood & Bone can be pre-ordered here [link].

Publication: Where The Heart Is

I’m very pleased to announce that I have a poem “Where The Heart Is,” is Home: Hundred Word Horror by Ghost Orchid Press. Ghost Orchid Press [link] is a small indie press located in the UK, and Home is their debut anthology.

“Where The Heart Is” is an acrostic poem inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Longtime readers of my work on places like my Patreon [link] will note that acrostic poetry is one of my favorite types to write. And where better to put a beating heart than under the floorboards?

Get Home HERE [Amazon link]