Fallen Glowing Lights

For the trees are turning
and we are yearning
like we did so long ago.
Lights set everything aglow
evening turns to night,
now the stars alight;
ghosts whisper in the snow
lingering songs sweet and low.
On raven wings we fly
when we can reach the sky;
in dreams we dare not speak
now we hover near the creek.
Ghastly whispers and song
linger here, linger long.
In autumn’s untold chill
ghosts whisper on this hill.
Half in sunlight, half in shade
tonight I am not afraid;
so this night my soul shall fly away!

This poem was originally posted on my Patreon [link] back in September.

My joking description of this poem is “I got possessed by the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe,” since it’s so different than what I typically write. While I love writing acrostic poetry, it’s typically more stream-of-conscious style poetry, rather than a specific rhyme scheme like this poem has.

As I wrote the first few lines, I realized the poem was rhyming. I stared at my screen for a minute, then shrugged and started deliberately writing it that way. I’m still really proud of this poem, and it was a good way to stretch my poetry writing muscles.

A Faint Blue Light [Fantasy]

“I swear I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Monica backed away from the box on the shelf.  What was she to do, take the thing her grandmother had given her and throw it into the sea?  Maybe it wasn’t even anything special, maybe it was a shell or something that had gotten worn away creatively by the water.  She could ignore the presence she felt from inside of it.

“The heart of a mermaid is a very dangerous place to be,” her grandmother had once said to her—but that had been years ago, when she had been a young girl.  Surely a warning like that meant nothing now….

Read the rest of the story HERE [link]! Patrons get all writing three days before the rest of the world, and access to exclusive writings.


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